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• Flexibility and autonomy of execution
• Completely digital management of your operations
• Paperless, PENLESS and painless
• Time and money savings
• Quick return on investment

For nearly 25 years, CyberCat has been helping companies to develop, through digital business processes, thanks to the sincere and unwavering commitment of its team of experts. Under the PENLESS brand, CyberCat also offers simple, swift, and powerful ready-to-use business solutions in a paperless, PENLESS, and painless environment.

A simple, swift, and powerful solution enabling owners, operators, and drivers of heavy vehicles to carry out, record, print, retrieve, store, and share, as needed, the driving and off-duty time registers as well as the circle check inspections required by the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) or by the transportation authorities of other Canadian provinces, paperless, PENLESS and painless.

A simple, swift, and powerful solution enabling companies of all sizes to develop, assign, complete, retrieve, share, and analyze their business forms and questionnaires paperless, PENLESS and painless.

Simple Swift​ Powerful

Accessible, fluid, and ergonomic
web and mobile applications


Our products make your staff’s tasks easier to perform, increasing their productivity.


As tasks can be completed in just a few clicks, you will quickly save time and money.


Designed to address specific needs, our products reduce the risks associated with execution errors.


At the cutting edge of technology, our solutions allow you to benefit from the best and most recent business practices.

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